three separate and uniquely developed programs appropriate for the age groups we aim to serve. Our coaches and staff will work with them to find the best program to give them the best class experience to ensure their success.

Please read the more about them below to help you understand the unique and special methods designed for the age group you are looking for, and then either leave your information in the form below so we can follow up with you, or call us so we can help you find out more and take the next appropriate steps.


The Omega Kids (aka Tigers) curriculum program was developed specifically for preschool-age children ages 4 through 6. This program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline. Also, the program is designed to improve children’s coordination and motor skills on top of enhancing their ability to pay attention and follow directions.

This program provides students with the most fun and exciting training methods available for this age group. The coaches and staff work to make each drill and portion of class fast-paced and engaging, which is the most important means of developing a great focus in a world fighting for our attention.

Starting in this age range is ideal because it builds a lasting foundation of coordination, physical development and most importantly self-esteem that regularly translates into the greater potential in other sports and academic pursuits.

The rank and testing system used by the Tigers is slightly different than others as well. Tigers can earn nine collectible animal patches for their uniforms as follows: Turtle for a high white belt; Tiger for high orange belt; Cheetah for high yellow; Lion for high camo; Eagle for high green; Phoenix for high purple; Dragon for high blue; Cobra for high brown; Panther for high red.

The Kids Program has its own unique good habit reward patches and “Victory Stars.” Five different colored victory patches are available to accommodate all the stars that can be earned by a high achieving child as they progress through the program and master good habits for their age.

This program works in conjunction with other programs, thereby emphasizing the same important monthly themes and value system. As a result, upon graduation from the Kids program into the Junior program, Kids earn their ‘Tiger black belt’ and have a strong foundation for success as a Junior.



The Omega Junior program is perfect for parents looking for an activity that is not just great exercise but that also teaches their school-age children lessons they will use throughout their life. The way children learn and what motivates them is the reason we offer a program exclusively for children.

Each training cycle provides the opportunity to learn goal setting for both short and long terms. Our belt and award systems are the keys to building confidence. When kids earn their belts or earn stars for grades, it gives them a great sense of accomplishment that improves the way they feel about themselves. Belt testing provides an excellent exercise for kids in learning how to set and achieve goals. Your child will have the chance to test every few months to advance to a new level. Their confidence builds and self-esteem will continue to rise with each accomplishment as they watch their hard work pay off.

Our Junior program is rooted in the values of traditional martial arts training, because no other activity can provide the same positive results, on a personal level, for each participant.

Some kids come lacking the confidence to make the most of their potential, some lack the discipline and focus to channel their energy constructively. Both types of children benefit from the balance of structured classes and staff and coaches working side by side with parents to build their confidence and sense of accomplishment as they acquire new skills and develop a foundational mastery of them.

Parents enroll their children in our programs for these various reasons, but with one common goal: to help their children grow and mature to the best of their abilities. Omega martial arts is your partner in parenting and our Juniors program is the perfect companion to help you raise a strong, confident leader. We teach the same values you teach at home, in a positive, safe & fun environment. Parents play a unique role in their children’s training, acting as the liaison from their training and the home. The more an instructor knows about a child’s home and school life, the better he/she can work with the child and the parent.



The Omega Martial Arts’ training program is customized for adult men and women. Unlike a children’s program, our adult programs focus on high-intensity fitness with a balanced mix of modalities and real self-defense that applies in today’s world.

Our reality-based martial arts training and evidence-based fitness methods are the ideal training structure for both self-defense and fitness. The program is designed to meet the needs of those students who want to learn simple and effective self-defense, while getting in the best shape of their life.

It focuses on training students efficiently so that they may defend themselves proficiently at all ranges: punching, striking, kicking, trapping, and grappling. The goal of each individual is to become knowledgeable and proficient enough to develop confidence in any self-defense situation. Students learn a wide array of techniques and obtain skills at all levels.

The benefits of our Adult training include strength and endurance conditioning, flexibility, developing confidence, and achieving overall better physical and mental wellbeing. Age, fitness, and skill level are not a factor to be a part of our signature program, we pride ourselves in challenging and supporting you reach your personal goals and achieve the confidence, motivation, focus and mental toughness to be your best self at work and for your significant other, family and friends.



Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!